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Attracting Skilled Immigrants, Strengthening Economy

Our Ontario Liberal government is launching a bold new direction for immigration in Ontario in order to attract the highly skilled immigrants and investors we need to fuel economic growth and build stronger communities.

  • Ontario's diversity is one of our greatest strengths and skilled immigrants are vital to strengthening our economy as we welcome hard-working families from around the world.
  • There's global competition for the best and the brightest, but for the last 10 years, the federal government has reduced the number of economic immigrants coming to Ontario to 52 per cent. In other provinces, the average is 70 per cent. If this continues, by 2014 Ontario's workforce will begin to decline due to our aging population.
  • So we've launched Ontario's first immigration strategy to set a new direction for how we select, welcome and assist immigrants to our province.
  • This strategy will attract a skilled workforce and strengthen our economy by enhancing Ontario's role in selecting immigrants, raising the number of economic immigrants to 70 per cent and increasing the number of immigrants who are licensed in their professions.
  • We will also help all newcomers and their families achieve success in our province by improving job prospects for non-economic immigrants and encouraging employers to expand mentorship, internship and job training programs.
  • Our plan will make immigration work better for Ontario's economic development — and help support immigrants and their families — so they can achieve success and fully contribute to our economic prosperity.

    Instead of bringing all Ontarians together to build a stronger economy and a brighter future, the Hudak PCs have often sought to divide Ontarians by opposing support for newcomers. We're calling on the Hudak PCs to stand up to the federal Conservatives and support our Ontario immigration strategy. And the NDP have no plan for immigration — it's simply not a priority for them.

    Only Ontario Liberals have a plan to protect the gains we've made in health care and education while growing the economy, strengthening immigration and creating jobs for families. And only Ontario Liberals will support newcomers and all Ontario families today and into the future.

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