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Better care for families, Better value for money

After one year, our Action Plan for Health Care is benefiting patients and their families across Ontario by delivering better care for people and better value for money.

  • We`re providing families with the best care where and when they need it, while ensuring health care is sustainable in the future by making the smartest use of public dollars. We`re achieving this by making health care options available closer to home, enhancing in-home supports for seniors and promoting healthy lifestyles.
  • Our recent agreement with the Ontario Medical Association is achieving progress for patients by introducing 30,000 more house calls for seniors and saving $295 million in physician services over the next two years and $100 million in broader system savings.
  • We`re helping seniors by providing new supports for long-term care homes, matching every senior who wants one to a primary care provider and providing 90,000 more seniors with home care.
  • And, we`re helping our communities live healthier by modernizing funding in more than 100 hospitals to reflect population growth, ensuring quality procedures, expanding the role of pharmacists so they can provide services like flu shots and providing regular screenings for cervical, breast and colorectal cancer.
  • Since 2003, we've worked to make Ontario the healthiest place in North America to grow up and grow old — 2.1 million more Ontarians now have a family doctor, 200 Family Health Teams are now serving three million Ontarians and we now have the lowest surgical wait times in Canada. Our Action Plan will keep this progress moving forward.

We already know the Hudak PCs would make the wrong choices. They have a $14-billion tax cuts and transit scheme with no plan to pay for it, and that means doing what they did the last time they were in government — closing hospitals and firing doctors and nurses. And the NDP support unsustainable public sector pay raises which would take much-needed public dollars out of our schools and hospitals.

Only Ontario Liberals have an Action Plan for Health Care that allows us to meet the needs of an aging population by delivering high quality care at a lower cost. And only Ontario Liberals are ensuring that universal public health care will be there for our children and grandchildren.

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