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We're building and renovating almost 90 schools across the province and providing permanent funding for Pathways to Education — a program that offers academic, financial and social support to high school students in low-income communities — so that students have great places to learn and to ensure our graduate rate keeps rising.  

  • This year, we`re investing $700 million to build 39 new schools and retrofitting 48 more while continuing to roll out full-day kindergarten.
  • Working together with our teachers, our progress has been remarkable — test scores are up 16 percentage points since 2003 and our high school graduation rate is up all the way to 82 per cent. Now our schools are among the best in the English-speaking world.
  • For students facing greater challenges to graduating and reaching their full potential in life, we introduced the Pathways to Education program, which is already helping more than 4,700 students stay in school and earn the credits they need to graduate.
  • Since the program began, high school graduation rates among participants have more than doubled and participants going to college or university have tripled.
  • For example, in Toronto's Regent Park neighbourhood, 56 per cent of high school students had been dropping out. Today, it's just 11 per cent. But, we need to keep striving to help every student graduate and that's why we're making funding for Pathways to Education permanent.
  • To make post-secondary education more attainable once students graduate, we launched the 30% Off Ontario Tuition grant. This fall, 200,000 students received support — $1,680 each for university students and $770 each for college students.

The Hudak PCs would gut public education — they would fire teachers, allow class sizes to rise and cancel full-day kindergarten. And the NDP can't say "no" to their union supporters — and that means they'd have to take money out of the classroom to pay for pay raises.

Only Ontario Liberals have a plan to balance the budget while protecting health care and education, so we can grow the economy and keep making progress, together with Ontarians.

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