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Creating Jobs, Growing our Economy

According to Statistics Canada, Ontario created 32,000 jobs in November — more than half of all the jobs created in Canada — showing that our Strong Action plan to protect health care and education, eliminate the deficit and build a more competitive business environment is working.

  • Ontario continues leading Canada in job creation — today's job numbers are the second-highest monthly increase in jobs in a year. We're now up 378,100 net jobs since the recession and we've gained back all the jobs lost during the recession plus 42 per cent more.
  • In fact, our rate of job recovery is faster than the United Kingdom and all of the Great Lakes States including New York, Michigan, Ohio and Illinois.
  • In particular, our auto sector is bouncing back — Canadian auto sales are on track to making 2012 one of best years ever for vehicle sales in Ontario.
  • We've been working relentlessly to boost our economy and create jobs — for example, we created the Southwestern and Eastern Ontario Development Funds. Since 2008, the EODF has created and retained 13,200 good, local jobs for families throughout Ontario.
  • We've created a strong foundation for growth and prosperity — to keep that momentum going we need to sell more and better products to the world in order to create good jobs and a great quality of life at home.
  • So, in January, the Premier will lead a trade mission to China to promote and grow our world-leading clean water technology and our dynamic agri-food businesses, which will create more jobs at home.
  • And, in early 2013, the Jobs and Prosperity Council — which we created to gather ideas from business, labour, experts and entrepreneurs — will give us ideas on creating more jobs and helping Ontarians succeed in a highly competitive global economy.

The Hudak PCs oppose every move to create jobs for Ontario families. They wouldn't support our auto sector and would have cut loose all the families that rely on those jobs. They also have a $14-billion tax cuts and subways scheme with no plan to pay for it, and that would mean deep cuts to the public services families rely on. And the NDP would raise taxes on business and investment to pay for public sector pay raises — that discourages private-sector investment and kills jobs.

Only Ontario Liberals are embracing the economic challenges before us so we can balance the budget and protect health care and education while growing the economy and creating jobs. And only Ontario Liberals will keep us moving forward together.

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