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Happy Pride


This week we raised the Pride flag over Queen’s Park. The same rainbow flag is flying high in public and private spaces across the country in support of and in solidarity with our Queer communities.

I represent Toronto Centre, home to one of the biggest Pride events in the world, in one of the most culturally diverse communities.

Our progress on the road to freedom and equality has come from each of us, one brave act at a time. This is what we must continue doing to advance and protect our freedom.

It is the simple act of saying, “I” and “We,” and not “They” and “Them,” when we queer folk speak of ourselves.

In Russia, in Uganda, in Iran, in many places in the world today, this takes huge courage and is revolutionary. In fact, it is so unsafe to say those words that people who do are silenced, risk their lives and are often forced into exile.

We march in Canada because we can. We march for all those who cannot. We will march past consulates of countries that have made we queer citizens illegal, incarcerated us and, in some cases, put our brothers and sisters to death.

I have been attending Pride events for decades now. They are bittersweet. An evening of fabulous fun and celebration followed by a day punctuated with moments of remembrance, anger and concern for the majority of queer folk in this world who cannot safely say, “I,” and “We.”

Celebrate Pride and celebrate our freedoms in the first person.

Happy Pride!

Glen Murray, MPP
Toronto Centre  

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