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Investing in Brain Research, Improving Health Care

Premier Wynne visited the Hospital for Sick Children and announced that we're investing $100 million over five years in the Ontario Brain Institute to improve health care for our loved ones, support research and innovation and ensure Ontario's cutting-edge ideas are turned into profitable industries. This investment will:

  • One in three Canadians are affected by a psychiatric illness, neurological disorder or injury at some point in their lives.
  • So, we're making today's investment to bring together scientists, researchers and the private sector to save lives and improve the health of countless people in our province.
  • Research and innovation are vital to providing our loved ones with the best treatment possible.
  • But, health care is also an important economic driver, and the Ontario Brain Institute will help convert the discoveries we make today into the cutting-edge industries of the future.
  • The Ontario Brain Institute was founded in November 2010. Our government previously invested $15 million to bring together scientists, clinicians and patients to help tackle cerebral palsy, autism and epilepsy.
  • This new funding will help expand their research into areas including Alzheimer's.
  • Collaborative research is vital in creating a better province for everyone — by helping to tackle the health challenges of today, we're able to improve the lives of Ontario citizens of tomorrow.

Only Ontario Liberals have a strong plan to transform and improve health care while building a strong economy and a fair society for the benefit of all.

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