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Earlier today, my good friend and colleague Greg Sorbara told me about his plans to resign as MPP for Vaughan. 

While Greg is stepping back from his duties as MPP, he is not stepping away from politics entirely. Greg will continue to serve the Ontario Liberal Party as Campaign Chair and Chair of the Ontario Liberal Fund, where he will keep guiding our party, providing his insights and advice, and helping steer us in the right direction.

Greg has faithfully served for 21 of the last 27 years as an MPP and cabinet minister, in Opposition and in two different governments.

Throughout, he has brought his trademark enthusiasm, good humour, goodwill and passion to his responsibilities.

Greg got into politics because he cares. And it shows.

Because of Greg’s work, Ontario families have more support and more opportunity. Our kids have better schools and they are doing better in school. And everyone in the family has improved health care. And because of Greg’s work, the people of Vaughan have a new hospital and soon they will have a new subway to York University.

And the people of Vaughan should know that we will honour Greg's good work by providing them with a candidate who will carry on that good work, and faithfully represent their interests as Greg has done.

I know that Greg did not make his decision to retire as an MPP easily or lightly. But I know I speak for our entire Liberal family when I say we wish him all the best as he devotes more of his time to those who have stood behind him for so long — his wife, Kate, and his children and grandchildren, all of whom he loves very deeply.

I cannot begin to thank Greg enough for his ongoing service to our party, for all he has done for the people of Vaughan, for all he has done for all Ontario families and — personally — for his strong support, good counsel, unwavering loyalty, and warm friendship.


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