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Three Million More Home Care Hours

Today, Premier McGuinty visited St. Matthew’s Bracondale House residents to talk about what personal support workers (PSW) mean to them. He announced we’re moving forward on a platform commitment that came from Ontario Liberal members: more home care hours.

  • We’re making the right choice to expand home care by moving forward with a freeze on doctors’ compensation so we can invest in the needs of patients.
  • Over the next three years, Ontario will help 90,000 more seniors get the care they need to live comfortably in their own homes.
  • Ontario is adding three million more hours of PSW care, including one million more hours this year.
  • PSWs assist people with personal hygiene, do light housework, help with changing dressings and give reminders on how to take medications.
  • Providing PSWs allows seniors, people with physical disabilities and those with complex needs to live independently at home — where they’re most comfortable — rather than in a hospital or long-term care home.

Helping seniors stay at home longer benefits the entire health care system by freeing up hospital beds for those who need acute care, reducing pressure on emergency rooms and saving money.

The Hudak PCs aren’t talking about home care, but are instead focused on taking Ontario back to the failed PC energy sell-off that led to a sudden price shock and added $1 billion to the debt. In fact, Tim has flip-flopped on this, once again putting politics ahead of Ontario families. Back in 2003, he was against privatization saying: "Consumers want to be assured their hydro bills are reasonable." And Eves, he said, acted on two fronts to make that happen. "First it was by freezing hydro rates ... and secondly by maintaining full public ownership of Hydro One." (St. Catharines Standard, January 21, 2003)

The Horwath NDP still won't say what they really think about a real wage freeze for doctors, teachers and public servants.

Only Ontario Liberals have a strong Action Plan for Health Care that ensures access to the right care, at the right time, and in the right place.

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