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Will you help fight climate change?

Today at the Climate Summit of the Americas, our leader, Premier Kathleen Wynne, along with 21 other states, provinces and cities, signed the first-ever Pan-American Climate Action Statement.

We know that climate change is real, that it is costing us and that if we do nothing, it is going to get a whole lot worse.

In just 5 months, we have a critical opportunity to make global progress at the UN Climate Conference in Paris, but we all know where the Harper government stands when it comes to meaningful climate action.

As California Governor, Jerry Brown said yesterday at the Summit, Harper needs to “get with it…and ought to be re-examining what he’s doing.”

But we can’t afford to wait for Harper to get with it, so we are taking the lead and we need your support.

Please sign the petition and say you’re with us in the fight against climate change.

In Ontario, we have made great strides in fighting climate change and building a cleaner, more prosperous economy, including North America’s single biggest action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by closing our coal power plants.

To continue meeting our commitments to reduce emissions, Ontario is now developing a cap and trade system and we intend to link it to the cap and trade markets of Québec and California.

We know that cap and trade is a proven way to reduce carbon pollution while fostering innovation and a competitive business climate, but our opponents insist on spreading misinformation. So please — help us fight back by signing the petition!

Together, Ontario and other subnational governments are rising to this challenge and doing what is right for our economy, our planet and our children’s future.


Glenn Thibeault, MPP

P.S. Tweet your support and encourage others to sign our petition! 

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