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Michael Spitale

Executive Vice-President
Peter Curtis

Tiffany Gooch

Operational Vice-President (Policy)
Damien O'Brien

Operational Vice-President (Organization)
Pierre Cyr

Operational Vice-President (Communications)
Patricia Favre

Operational Vice-President (Engagement)
Grant Gonzales

Regional Vice-President (Northern Region)
Tay Butt

Regional Vice-President (Ottawa Region)
Jacqueline Choquette

Regional Vice-President (GTA Central Region)
Li Koo

Regional Vice-President (GTA North Region)
Brian Johns

Regional Vice-President (GTA East Region)
Ryan Singh

Regional Vice-President (South Central Region)
Craig Brockwell

Regional Vice-President (Southwestern Region)
Jessica Sartori

Immediate Past President
Vince Borg

Hon. Kathleen Wynne

Ontario Young Liberals President
Najva Amin

Ontario Women's Liberal Commission President
Cristina Taglione

We are currently seeking candidates for the position of Treasurer on the Executive Council. If interested, please apply by email to info@ontarioliberal.ca.

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