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Ontario Liberals opened the second session of the 40th Parliament, laying out a strong plan to create more jobs, make the minority government work and make life a little bit easier for Ontarians

Today, as we began the second session of the 40th Parliament of Ontario, our new Ontario government laid out our priorities — building a strong job-creation economy, making the minority parliament work, and making life a little easier here in Ontario, for the benefit of all. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Our new government will eliminate the deficit by 2017-2018 while investing in our greatest strength: our people. Enhancing the skills of our workforce, helping our youth find jobs, reforming social assistance and increasing the number of people with disabilities in the workforce so we can confront our shared challenges together, building a strong, prosperous province.
  • Recognizing that innovation and technology is the key to winning the future and investing $50 million in a new venture capital fund, in partnership with the federal government, to build the businesses of tomorrow.
  • Working with Aboriginal communities to make sure they get the tools and training they need to fully participate in economic development opportunities, including those related to our natural resources and education, training and employment.
  • Giving our youngest students the best start by continuing to roll-out Full-Day Kindergarten while maintaining lower class sizes, higher test scores and higher graduation rates. We are also ensuring postsecondary education is affordable with the 30% Off Tuition grant, providing undergraduate university students $1680 and undergraduate college students $770 each and every year. We’re also expanding French postsecondary programs and ensuring that First Nation, Metis and Inuit children share in every opportunity to learn, achieve and succeed.
  • Expanding home care and access to mental health access while making sure that Ontario is the best place to grow old with our Seniors Strategy, Healthy Homes Renovation Tax Credit and partnerships with health care providers so our loved ones get the care they deserve.
  • And making life a little bit easier by working to reduce auto insurance rates, protect consumers when it comes to cell phone contracts, real estate transactions and debt settlement services.

Our government will cooperate with the opposition parties, local communities and our partners to move Ontario forward. We will focus on balancing the budget and ensuring we create opportunities for everyone in Ontario without letting anyone slip through the cracks. When we work together, Ontario is a place of endless possibilities.

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