Ontario Liberals Deliver Top Toronto Transit Plan

NDP Put $9B in New Transit Funding at Risk

May 23, 2018

TORONTO — The Ontario Liberals will deliver the only comprehensive and fully costed plan to build up Toronto transit over the course of the next decade, delivering on the most ambitious program in the region’s history. This approach stands in stark contrast to the NDP plan that will put $9 billion in Toronto transit funding at risk by reneging on financial commitments to the federal-provincial transit and infrastructure framework.

In another example of the confusion caused by errors, oversights and omissions in their platform, the NDP removed $1.8 billion in funding over the next three years to sustain the terms of the federal-provincial agreement. This move effectively breaches the terms of the agreement and places all funded projects in limbo, leaving the City of Toronto without a reliable plan for projects like the Relief Line subway, Yonge North Extension and Waterfront Transit Network.

Premier Kathleen Wynne was at Union Station today with Toronto-area Liberal candidates to highlight the Ontario Liberals’ track record of building transit in the GTHA. The Ontario Liberals are making the largest investment in public infrastructure in our province’s history — including $79 billion in new transit over the next decade. Only the Ontario Liberals have a made a firm commitment and released a fully costed plan that gets shovels in the ground on projects of vital importance to the city of Toronto.

A re-elected Liberal government would:

  • Fund the provincial share of all of Toronto’s priority transit projects, including the Downtown Relief Line, Waterfront LRT, SmartTrack and Yonge North
  • Honour the SmartTrack agreement with the City of Toronto, including six new SmartTrack stations, enabling SmartTrack to offer 5 to 10-minute trips during rush hour
  • Continue to invest in the Eglinton Crosstown, Finch West LRT and the Toronto-York Spadina Line 1 Extension to ease congestion and get people moving across the city
  • Make GO Transit trips within Toronto cost PRESTO card users only $3 per trip, saving regular commuters more than $1,000 per year
  • Maintain the GO-TTC transfer discount of $1.50 – saving an average commuter over $700 per year
  • Provide a new $1.50 per trip discount to commuters transferring between York Region, Mississauga, Brampton, and Durham Region transit agencies to the TTC, saving an average commuter over $700 per year.

The Ontario Liberal Party’s plan for transit also stands in clear contrast to the incoherent, constantly changing and completely unfunded promises Doug Ford has made on the campaign trail. In this way his approach fits with the long record established by Ontario Conservatives. The last Harris and Eves governments first downloaded, then uploaded GO Transit and even filled in subway tunnels under construction. Doug Ford has his own compromised transit past also. During his time on Toronto City Council he and his brother created a chaotic, uncoordinated process that stalled transit progress for years. Doug Ford was part of an approach that cut the TTC’s Budget and threw away millions of dollars of work without building a single inch of new subway or LRT in Toronto. 

Doug Ford’s latest transit schemes would send the City back to the drawing board, creating even more debate and delays — while also stripping the province of $24 billion in revenue, adding a further $24 billion in new spending and offering no credible plan to pay for any of the transit or other promises he has made.

The Ontario Liberals are the only party with a reliable, credible plan to fund the transit projects that are needed to improve Toronto’s quality of life and to cut commute times.


“There’s only one party in this election that has stood firmly behind the City of Toronto and its transit needs. There is only one party in this election with a plan to build an integrated transit system across the GTHA that will break gridlock, get people moving and create more choice. Only Ontario Liberals have a proven track record of building the transit people in the GTHA need, and only Ontario Liberals will continue to build Ontario up.”

— Kathleen Wynne, Premier of Ontario


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